X League

The X League - new for the 2019/20 season

The X League sits outside the men’s and women’s leagues and is an extra competitive league for beginner/intermediate/junior players who belong to a club, but are not getting much court time within other leagues. It's also a good opportunity to bring along scorers and to gain refereeing experience. There is a single division within the league.

HVA Rules

We're going to be very flexible this first season and see how it goes. For example, if you wanted to run some matches as triangular tournaments, then that would be fine by us. We're not even expecting all fixtures to be completed by the end of the season, but obviously the more the better. X for Extra and Experimental!

The league runs under the current HVA Rules, but the following sections are relaxed.


There’s no restriction on who plays, except that they must be on your club roster and the club must be registered under the HVA. There’s no Team Player Restrictions under X League, so anybody from your club could play with no impact on any other team they might play in. We’re happy for more advanced players to play on the understanding that they are there to bring the other players on, not thrash the opposition!


Net height can be decided by the teams before the match. We would suggest men’s height for safety reasons, unless most players are women, juniors or not big hitters.

Section F – OFFICIALS.

Matches will require a referee, but anybody who has a good grasp of the rules will do with referees decision being final as usual. A scorer is required and a normal EVA scoresheets can be used, but there's also a cut down scoresheet you can use instead.

Section G – LEAGUE.

Instead of the opposition selecting the MVP, the teams select the MVP for their own team.

Cost: For this first year, there is no cost to enter a team in X League. Accordingly, there will be no medals or trophies at year end for the teams or players. If your club isn't currently registered with HVA, you will have to pay to register a single club, which is £45, plus there is a £30 Goodwill Deposit per club from which we deduct any fines.

Fixtures: We have 5 teams confirmed with another possible. Current fixtures are here.

Teams: We’d like to have all X League team entries confirmed by the end of November, so we can create the league on the website and start to organise fixtures.