Please be aware of the rules below that govern refereeing games run within the HVA.

The HVA Rules can be downloaded from the Documents section and that unless otherwise stated, the HVA follows the FIVB rules of volleyball.

We'll post any recent amendments to those rules here.


"The London Rule" - Agreed at 13/09/2016 Fixtures Meeting

If the match runs over scheduled court time, the referee should allow the match to finish as much as possible.

Based on information available to the referee, he/she should call time on the match when it can continue no more.

An incomplete match would be given to the team with the most sets won (as long as the game has started on time - if not the home team forfeits).

For this purpose, an incomplete set is counted as a win for the team with a lead of 2 or more points, otherwise a tie. If set scores are tied, the winner is the team with a ‘points total’ of at least two more than their opponent's.

If teams are still tied, then the two teams each get 1 league point.

(Note from editor - the likelihood of a tie is quite remote. This solution was seen as preferable to the home team forfeiting as previously)


Relaxed Referee Requirements for Division 1

The only requirement now is that the ref must be qualified; they no longer need to provided by a neutral team.