Minutes from Committee Meeting

The minutes for Tuesday's Committee Meeting are here.


  1. Rightmove now sponsoring MK City adults.
  2. Fixtures Secretary sending out reminders for late filing of results so clubs avoid fines.
  3. We need the full scoresheet uploading.
  4. All Goodwill Deposits paid. Majority of league/cup fees outstanding despite reminders.
  5. Three clubs have junior squads (VK Barnet, WHVC and MK City). They will organise matches between them.
  6. KO Cup final penciled in for 18th or 19th May; Women's, Junior's and Men's finals. Clubs welcome to pitch to host it.
  7. Tweak to rule G2 because it was technically wrong.
  8. We have a definition of "play" = anybody on the scoresheet.
  9. Funding request for MK Juniors approved.
  10. The cost of canceled matches.
  11. Splitting the cost of KO matches.

Next meeting, Tuesday 12th March, 7.30pm at the Old palace in Kings Langley.