X League, 2021/22

League Table

TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostSets WonSets LostPoints DiffLeague Points
Rooks0 / 6000000=0
MK City X0 / 6000000=0
Hatfield Hornets0 / 6000000=0
Aylesbury Vale0 / 6000000=0

Fixtures and Results

Missing fixtures...

  • Aylesbury Vale vs Hatfield Hornets
  • Aylesbury Vale vs MK City X
  • Aylesbury Vale vs Rooks
  • Hatfield Hornets vs Aylesbury Vale
  • Hatfield Hornets vs MK City X
  • Hatfield Hornets vs Rooks
  • MK City X vs Aylesbury Vale
  • MK City X vs Hatfield Hornets
  • MK City X vs Rooks
  • Rooks vs Aylesbury Vale
  • Rooks vs Hatfield Hornets
  • Rooks vs MK City X

None listed.


May include teams that have withdrawn.


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