VolleyballXL.com video training drills

An issue many coaches in your club are coping with, is creating interesting exercises and dynamic drills for their team. For this reason, a couple of volleyball fanatics have come up with a solution: www.volleyballxl.com

VolleyballXL is the online portal for all volleyball coaches. This portal provides interesting, dynamic and fun volleyball exercises on video, explanation of typical volleyball definitions, and blogs of volleyball experts. In short, VolleyballXL is the website on which all volleyball knowledge is brought to. In this way, it is easier for coaches to build their practices and being a coach remains challenging. An aspect that is also of great importance: the players will find these refreshing exercises cool, and from personal experience, we know what this can do to the increase the number of club members.

Naturally, we want to contaminate the whole vollayball-playing world with our volleyball virus, www.volleyballxl.com. However, we do need your help in order to achieve that. Therefore, we would like to ask you to publish the announcement in the attachment on your website, to share it on social media and/or to spread it among your members. The publishing of a link on your website to VolleyballXL.com will be appreciated. Additionally, we added the VolleyballXL flyer in the attachment. In case you are interested, we could also send you a number of these per mail.

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