A note on team restrictions

As we approach Player lock down for the season, can we remind all Clubs that they should have entered their Club Players for the season on the website by last weekend. Importantly, if the HVA Rules say you need to, you must restrict a number of players to a single team.

You only need to restrict players as per the HVA Rules, not just because they normally play for a particular team - this is not an indication of the team they play for, but a restriction to indicate this is the only team they can play for.

Restrictions only apply where your Club:

  • has more than one Team in a single division - when you need to restrict six Players to each Team.
  • has a Team in an upper division - when you need to restrict six Players to the upper division Team.

We've also noted that some junior Players have been created as two different Players and restricted to two different Teams, because juniors are not subject to the playing up or across restrictions. Whilst this isn't actually precluded in the rules, we do feel it is against the spirit of the rules, especially when adult Players are available for restriction. You could restrict 6 juniors and effectively avoid all Player restrictions despite having adults available for restriction. Expect a rule change to clarify!

Once the HVA Fixtures Secretary is happy with rosters and restrictions, we will lock down Players. That means Clubs will no longer be able to edit existing Players, although you can continue to add new Players throughout the season as required.