Coronavirus update from the HVA

The current Volleyball England announcement can be found here.

There's some good additional volleyball specific advice there:

  1. Wash your hands before and after playing/training.
  2. Clean volleyballs after each match and training session.
  3. Avoid unnecessary contact before, during and after games.

We don't currently see any reason to impose a blanket ban on all HVA matches. Whilst any volleyball match is a gathering and we are all in close contact, it's only a dozen or so people for a couple of hours, so not 1000s of people.

HVA will naturally relax any rules relating to late match changes on the strict proviso that clubs clearly communicate their intent to do so. What we don't want is individual players or teams turning up to locked/empty sports halls or with no opposition to play against.

Any canceled match is assumed to be a postponement. Please let HVA CompSec (Duncan) know of any postponements, so we can update the website. The website remains the "truth" when it comes to fixtures.

If things change and we simply can't finish the league and/or cup this season, then we'll contact all clubs with a range of suggestions about how we might proceed.